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Hey All,

A good friend of mine whom I have known for many years (this guy used to work on my '68 GT and my '71 Fastback for me - over fourteen years ago). Anyways, he has always been a hard core Chevy guy. He owned nothing but Camaro's, Chevelle's, an El Camino (the fastest car I've ever driven in), even a Vega with a small block V8. His brother builds cars for Hot Rod - anyways it's a family tradition.

Well he got in #238 the other day for a drive around the block - he was checkin' my clutch out for me. He had never driven a newer generation Mustang and hated the 5.0's.
He could not wipe this silly grin of excitement off his face the whole time behind the wheel. I let him get on it (he has skills as a driver, so I was not worried). He said the car was a blast and was the "most fun car he had driven in years". He said it has the same rearend kick when chirpping 2nd and 3rd as his Mom's Stingray (late sixties Vette). He was truly impressed and had to take a second lap around the block before he would give me back the wheel.

BTW - The grin returns every time he see's my car now. :wink:

Sorry for the long read!

Joe Schwartz
DHG #00238
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