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special package in mail

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recieved a limited edition collector set in the mail yesterday. i guess it was only given to canadian bullitt owners (i think)
it includes:
-a limited edition dvd of the original 1968 movie "bullitt"
-original bullitt shooting draft script
-production notes
-original movie poster
-8 original lobby cards
-actual original 35mm film frame from the movie
just thought you might be interested and was wondering if anyone else recieved anything from ford?
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That is just completely too cool :cool:
I could only dream of something like that here in San Diego.
I have however received similar treatment and percs when I owned my last "SVT" vehicles. Unfortunately the BULLITT is not part of the SVT lineup, but one of Fords biggest successes of late. Wish they'd share their fortune and successes with all Bullitt owners, after all we are what made the Bullitt project so successful, Oh yea "the customer" i.e. Enthusiast. Congrats


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Ford Canada is sweet. The package sounds good. Too bad over here we haven't heard a thing from Ford, not even the labels that go over the ID #
Got my package today FORD OF CANADA RULES.
I emailed them from the Ford web site and asked Hey weres mine. Presto changeo I GOT IT.

Blk Bullitt #2754
Below is a copy of the email I sent Ford and the reply. They brushed me off onto the dealer - Fat chance my dealer will send me anything.

Question - Did you Canadian guys buy your Bullitts at the same dealers?

Notice they didn't answer my question about the lack of Bullitt stuff in the catalog.
I sent:
Dear Sirs,
I purchased a 2001 Bullitt Mustang in May. I have recently been made
aware of a 'customer appreciation' package that was sent to Bullitt
owners in Canada. The package contains
-a limited edition dvd of the original 1968 movie "bullitt"
-original bullitt shooting draft script
-production notes
-original movie poster
-8 original lobby cards
-actual original 35mm film frame from the movie

My question is: Why was such a kit sent only to Bullitt owners in
Canada? Is such a kit planned for Bullitt owners in the USA? If not,
please explain to me what makes Canadian buyers a more appreciated
customer base than US buyers.

In addition, I would like to know why there was no Bullitt-releated
items in the latest Ford marchandise catalog. Are there plans to offer
Bullitt merchandise through Ford or are we Bullitt owners on our own
when it comes to acquiring jackets, caps, shirts, etc in order to show
our pride in our cars?

They Replied:
Thank you for your message of 10/11/01 regarding your 1999 Ford Mustang
Bullitt. We appreciate the time you have taken to write us requesting
more information on the 'Customer Appreciation' package.

Thank you for your interest in our company and our products.

Unfortunately, at this time we are unaware of the incentive you
are mentioning.

This 'Customer Appreciation' package may have been sent out from the dealership. Dealerships are authorized to provide their own additional
rebates and incentives. We recommend that you contact your dealership
for additional information.

Should you wish to locate a dealership in your area, you may visit to view this listing. We are confident that
they can assist you.

Ford Motor Company offers national rebates or incentives on specific
vehicles at different times. You may view special national offers
online at:

At Ford Motor Company, we consider the satisfaction of our customers as
one of our most important objectives. If you have any other inquiries
or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to
address them.

We value your loyalty and appreciate your continued support of out
products. Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company
Customer Relationship Center (W.M)
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Excellent reply ;( Can't even get the year of the car right.....GEEEz!

Paul G.
That's b/c it's an auto-generated reply. There's an e-mail parser on the other end that is designed to look for key words and phrases and generate a response based on the original message. Obviously Ford's isn't as good as some others I've seen. For example, anyone remember the movie "A.I." (with the kid from the Sixth Sense)? They had a web page up that had a "chat bot" on it. You could ask it questions and talk to it and it would respond (fairly intelligently, I might add...). I'll have to get the link tonight and post it for you to see.
I know he won't want to hear it, but what about Mr. hyde (or Hoag) since I think there's only one Team Mustang for everyone. I'm sure they could vouch for spending on getting the merchandise in the catalog after all of our e-mails to them.
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