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speedo lens

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My wife and I have only had our DHG Bullitt for three weeks. I quickly washed it once, but have not had the time to really go over it. Additionally, it is not a daily driver; however, it sits out in the driveway with the windows slightly down to let hot air out. On sunday, I noticed the speedometer bezel plastic had an ever so small crack in the lower right corner. Today, I noticed it grew in lenght. Has anyone else had this problem? I am going back to the dealer soon to have the trunck gasket replaced, I guess I should tell them to replace this and the stained headlight glass too. MY list grows every time I read this board.
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Yep, I too had a instrument cluster lense problem! Only mine had scratches! It took Ford 3 months but they finally convinced the factory to send another one over (I believe it was quite expensive)! Clear as a picture now. Tell the dealership and they will take pictures of it and send it in. Don't settle for anything less, as they owe it to you; it just may take awhile.

We finally got our headlight lenses today. I didn't think they could be so clear! After looking at those spotted ones for 3 months I guess we just got used to them that way! I just feel sorry for the person that buys the Black Bullitt on the show room floor that now has #344's spotted headlights! :roll: (It also had a small rock chip in it by the time we made the "switch").

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