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Speedometer change

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Dropped my bullitt off at the dealer yesterday to have a small paint chip on the driver side door edge repaired. spoke with the parts dept at the dealership, they didn't carry Ford Motorsports parts... talked with one of the mechanics regarding warranty if aftermarket parts/mods are performed he stated that anything happening as a result of the mod or aftermarket part wouldn't be covered. doesn't matter who does the work, dealership or another shop the same rule applies. I asked him about the speedometer recalibration since I am changing the rear end gearing and he said they would not recalibrate it as that would be "illegal" however he also mentioned it could be done "right off the dash" but wouldn't divulge how. Does anyone have the servicing manual for the Bullitt which may explain how to reprogram the speedometer calibration via the dashboard?
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I donot believe it is possible. There is no method to enter data. If you turn your key to on while holding the trip reset button in and when the leds say test let go. by pushing the trip reset button you cycle thru codes digital readouts eng is speedo M is metric speedo theres lots of stuff but no data entry level that I can find. I bought a speed cal from dallas mustang and it works great I often drive with the odometer in digital mode.

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