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Spewing Coolant

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Hi all.

I'm up to ~2k miles on #1934. Yesterday, I took a ~1.5hr trip to have lunch with some coworkers/old friends. We walked by the car about 1/2 hour after I got there, and my friend noticed a puddle underneath. It was coolant.

I opened the hood on the still-warm engine, and the reservior was full, green, and had obviously depressed through the cap at some point after I parked. I didn't notice any overheating on the way there, and I paid close attention during the rest of my driving that day. No overheating indicated by gauge, nor any symptoms of overheating. Parked in the garage last night (as always), no coolant on the floor this morning. Unfortunately, I was running late, and didn't look at the cold coolant level, which I meant to do.

Anyway, nothing seems immediately wrong, but as the coolant system was NOT recently topped off, I have to wonder why it would be coming out of the overflow/pressure relief after all this time.

Am I missing something obvious? Could I be having a serious problem and not know it? I know a head gasket failure could overflow the reservior depending on location, but there is no oil in my water. (nor, for that matter, is there water in my oil)

Any ideas? I don't really want to have to give my baby to a dealer if not necessary.

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I've had coolent overflow too. I haven't noticed any problems connected with it though. I'll wait and see.
It's quite possible that your Bullitt was delivered with too much fluid & on this recent long trip, it finally got hot enough to overflow. As long as you aren't overheating, I don't think you've got a problem.
Had you been driving at high speeds for longer than usual? Maybe the speed you were driving and the length of time was just enough to expand the coolant to the point of overflow. Your dealer may have topped off the coolant to the upper max and it was just hot enough outside and the speed and length of drive caused it. Also - check coolant cap to make sure seal is clean and cap is properly tightened.

You're checking the correct things by looking for coolant in the oil. Make note of the exact level of oil you have (when hot) and compare it in a few days - should be the exact same. If it continues or oil level increases, coolant level decreases - I would definately talk to dealer.
I had discarded the long-trip/accumulated heat theory early, because I drove about 7 hours to bring my Bullitt home when I bought it. HOWEVER, my speed was slower, less consistent, and the weather was 10-15 degrees cooler outside, so maybe.... Thanks and I'll keep a close eye on things!

I had some minor coolant spill out from under the cap of the tank. Doesn't seem to affect the level though. Also had some brake fluid seepage around the edges of the brake resevoir.
Okay coolant bottle should be checked when the engine is cold, such as in the morning. If there is too much in the coolant in the coolant recoverly bottle the coolant will leak from the overflow when engine is hot and that will be normal. The coolant will expand when hot and it will flow out of the radiator through the radiator cap into coolant bottle, and when coolant in the radiator cools down it will suck back the coolant in the bottle back into radiator. That's how coolant recoverly system works.
Yes, I know, but what concerned me was after 2000 miles, and at least one really long road trip, suddenly just now it was pushing coolant out of the overflow. If it had been recently topped off or whatnot I wouldn't have thought much of it.


Okay, now if only did that one time I would not worry so much, if its internal problem such as blown head gasket or something of that nature it will over heat no matter how much coolant you put in to radiator.Also it maybe possible that your coolant fan/coolant relay might have stopped working for a few minutes and started back when it got hot, anyway time to time keep your eyes on the temp. gauage while driving, you don't want the engine overheating no matter what.
I just hit 2k miles today. Was sitting in a parking lot waiting for my father to show up. He shows up, i get out of my car and I then notice a large puddle of coolant under the car. I pop the hood and the coolant was spewing out of the cap. Well I just got back from driving on a four hour trip and now have no problems. Seems like a ran into the same problem as you. Let me know if you are having any more problems since the first incident
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