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Well Darn it Karl, sorry we missed meeting you. Yes, 1004 is my FRANK!
I've been in a baaaaadddd mood about the Bullitt for the past few days. I think I'm getting over it. Ever since some folks at the Vintage forum decided to bad mouth Bullitts. I shouldn't get so defensive. Why do I feel I have to explain my wanting and loving a Bullitt? Actually it was only a couple of folks there, one especially strongly opinionated person; but most admit they would love to be able to buy a Bullitt. That is what I should focus on, not the negative ones.
Then FRANK got his booty kicked by two Cobras in Boise. Granted they were very nice, but I was hoping....
FRANK did get a lot of attention being the only Bullitt at the show, but those local Cobras were the participants choice.
We traveled to Boise, about 350 miles with another couple who drove their 70 Mach 1. We got there Friday evening and played Mustang Monopoly in out hotel room. It was alot of fun. We had to make a mad dash home after the show Saturday night.
BOB, on the way to Boise Friday evening we passed a big Walmart rig, I tried to see the driver as we went by but couldn't - was it you? It was somewhere around Burley?

Thanks for the recognition everyone, you've cheered me up.


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