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Squealing Rear Brake

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Anyone have this problem? I had a similar thing on my Lightning but it is probably just because of the metallic pads. Sounds like crap though when you have such a nice vehicle.

Paul G.
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I've got that squeeling noise too. I think its coming from the right rear. It stops when you just pump them a little. But your right it sounds like sh*t. Anyone know what can be done to eliminate this?
no, no squealing here
I figured that someone else would have the same problem. I will disassemble it tomorrow afternoon and see what I come up with. Probably a bit of that anti-squeal additive on the back of the pad where it mounts will work just fine.

Paul G.
I don't get a squeek that seem to come from the brakes but when I hit bumps at slower speeds I hear a squeek from the rear. Any ideas? I have tried getting it to do it while parked but have had no luck. Kinda hard to examine at speed.
I have the same squeek going over bumps at slow speed. I have tried to maintain speed and apply brake pressure to see if the squeeking stops, and it appears to..but I will keep checking. If anyone else has any ideas, let us know.
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have had a loud noise, screech from i think left rear.. if i lift off brakes and reapply the noise is usually gone.. not quite annoying enough to fix yet though.....
Same Here ! I have a squeel coming from the driver's side rear - what up with that ?
I had that squeal for a while, but I haven't heard it since I passed 500 miles.
Squeeking brake problems are almost always expensive if not hard to correct. You can turn rotor and install new pads and make sure to lubricate the pins and sliding contact with proper high heat lubricant.
The squealing brake problem is due to the higher humidity that most of us are having. That combined with the higher content of metal in the pads makes for a noisy situation. My dealer ordered me a new set of pads anyways and will replace them. For some strange reason, my right rear outside disc was missing one of the anti-rattle clips from the factory. You can't order these clips without getting the complete pad kit, so they figured they might as well do the whole thing while they were at it.

The squeak that some of you are inquiring about seems to be coming from the coil spring perch. It is rubbing on the lower coil of the spring. It's a very normal thing and can be corrected by a small piece of common rubber garden hose around the lower coil of the spring.

I will post some pics for others after the weekend when I get a chance take some of mine for an example.

Paul G.
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