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This story is sad, very sad folks...


1969 mach-1

She's Been Destroyed
Well after 5 years of meticulous restoration I finally finished my mustang last august.

I mean EVERY part was new or restored.

Interior (Red dark red) I had to dye the vynle myself.
Every inch of wire was new.
BOSS 351 freshly installed .30 over.
New tranny

everything from the gas tank to the turn signals restored or new.

I may have abnout 500 miles on her since I finished.

about 2 hours ago 5:00 am ish

A drunk came barreling down my street and bent her up like an accordian. Total Loss.

My beloved 1969 mach-1 black with red interior, BOSS 351, Top loader 4 speed 3:91 gears. Is gone.

Not only did the Arse take out my stang but the stang got airborn and landed on my daily driver. I have no car.

I'd like to remind everyone not to drink and drive.

It's how my fiancee was murderedd and now my other love is gone completely. Bad year for me I guess.

The truck that hit my car was (of course) stolen, I caught the bastard by following the radiator fluid on the road. In my bare feat with no shirt I followed the trail for about 50 minutes (it's only 8 degreese F) here in Colorado this morning.

When I found him he was passed out in the passenger seat. I called the cops from a nearbye home and the owner (who couldn't even understand english wa gracious enough to give me her 8 year old daughters coat and some flip flops to stay warm until the police showed up.

You can see a good pre-crash picture of my car at http:// It's black with red stripe.

I'm not rich and I am certain Insurance is gunna screw me. I probably wont be able to own another 1969 like her again. The restoration alone probably cost 28k and to find another mach-1 like her will be hard. I probably can't afford to restore another for awhile.

The color combination alone is so rare I have never seen Black with a dark red interior other than my car alone.

I'll try to post some of the pictures i'm going to take when it;s light out.

She's bent from head to tail.


Mike Smith

may she rest in pieces.


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I would have been hard pressed not to torture the [email protected]#$%& until the cops showed up. I never worry about my is now other people that I fear. Too bad inconsiderate jerks like that can ruin it for other people and pretty much get off scott free. Even if they take his license..he will be back driving again after a few months...just like they always do.

Too was a beautiful car.

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He must of not had a garage or driveway? Both of his cars were in the street at the early a.m. YOu would think if he had a driveway at least he would have parked the Mach in the drive........ :sad:

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I agree my mustangs don't get the street treatment, in fact I would rent a storage area to keep them off the street before parking them there.
I have learned by restoreing 3 mustangs now that any car can be rebuilt. Trust me if you saw Kay's 67 you would agree. Only problem is the car worth the time or money.
Plus I have learned, make sure you get an appraisal done and have full coverage to the amount of the appraisal. One of my clubs members got T-bone at a light leaving a car show. He owns a 67 coupe that is beautiful, his insurance only wanted to give him $1500.00 the insurance adjuster even says, " It was beautiful Mustang but it is just an old car, sorry". The owner tells him to check what the coverage was $10,000 and check his records. Guess what? The insurance company instead of stroking a check for $1500 and totaling the, car fixed the car with NOS pats and cost about $8000.00.
So if you have a Classic insure it for the amount of the apprasial. Trust me folks.

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I saw that when it was first posted. Has given me nightmares ever since. I'm ust glad we don't have to park on the street anymore.

Very, very sad!

There's also some posts recently on about a 22 year old college student and Cobra owner who was killed while out with his friend in a 91 Stang. Causes me more nightmares about my son out in his stang.

But you can't worry all the time, have to LIVE while alive!


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God, what a horrible waste.
And, he lost his fiance to a drunk driver.
Makes you wonder about HIS OWN stability right now. Poor guy.

What a beautiful car.

I don't have classic insurance, because my Mach was my dailer driver more than once, and the classic insurance around here only lets you have some godawful low amount of miles per year. What we've done is insure it at it's appraisal value. They let me do that.

god, that's just so horrible.
sort of take it personal when it's a '69 Mach...just like we all do when it's a Bullitt.
:cry: :cry:

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That is truley a bummer ;-(. At least my 68 and Bullitt are both in the garage :wink:.

Thanks for the story Vicky.

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