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STATE & PROVINCIAL Drivers Licenses

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Since 9/11, there has been a push for a "national ID" card to replace the myriad of state licenses and such. I still don't understand why there's such a fuss about it as privacy groups are complaining of such an idea. If that card could replace my state drivers license and Social Security card (with the SSN encoded on the card), with "proof of citizenship" acceptable to Canadian authorities (we had some hassle last week from a Canadian immigration officer when we decided to go from Detroit to Windsor on a whim to gamble), I don't see what the problem is...

As for drivers licenses, my OH license that I got in 1997 had my SSN on it (no choice) and a magnetic strip on the back. My current IL license doesn't have my SSN on it and has a weird-looking bar code on the back.

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Kfengler, when did you get your green card? I'm about to go through the same thing...I'm a Canadian citizen in the US engaged to an American. :smile: You can PM if you would rather.
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