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RE: Shifter for bullitt
Mon, 2 Jul 2001 16:18:38 -0400
"Gus" <[email protected]>
"" <[email protected]>

Anything we have tried so far has reduced the accurate feel of the
shifter itself. We have and will continue research into this. Every
aftermarket shifter makes noise to a certain extent, some more than
others. On most vehicles the noise is barely audible, on others it is
more so. This varies from transmission to transmission so we have no way
of predicting exactly how audible it will be.

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I've ordered a shifter for my new bullitt, I believe part
number is 555-7363. On some of the websites such as stangnet
they have mentioned that there is considerable increase in
the noise and heat from the direct contact to the tranny.
Has steeda came up with a refinement to this product that
would reduce these undesirables? If so are they available to
purchase before I install. thanks.

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I installed a Steeda Shifter in my Bullitt last week and neither have the tranny noise or heat mentioned. Am I missing a part?
It works fine and has really tightened up the shift pattern.

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After driving my car around Sunday, I hardly notice any noise. I still am going to try some nylon washers between the handle and shifter just for grins. Noise really goes away as long as you aren't hanging onto the shifter so I would say that the noise warnings are a bit alarmist.


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I fabricated a couple of rubber washers and put them in between the handle and the base and it worked very well.

This problem also existed on my LS1 and I used the same solution to fix it.

Paul G.
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