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Steeda Timing Adjuster... Price Drop!

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hey bullitheads,

okay... i am selling a brand new Steeda timing adjuster that fits the 4.6l engines. it has never been used, and i am selling it because i got a chip instead, so i can adjust the timing just by reburning. i wanted to throw it on just for its looks (it looks really sweet--anodized electric blue.. very nice) but didnt bother.

$150(includes shipping)

Advancing your ignition timing can net up to 10 horsepower, and better gas mileage. But there was no way to adjust timing on the 4.6 liter engines until now.
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140.00 and its sold, tell me wher to send the check.
I checked my mail but nothing there #915
Hope to here from you soon.

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i sent you a priv. message
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