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I noticed there are posts about the install of this shifter but I thought I would add some info about a previous problem I was having with the stock shifter. After researching, it would appear that the stock shifter is not worth the steel it's made of. I continually was experiencing nibbling an on occasion grinding from 2nd to 3rd. So I deceided on the Steeda Tri-Ax shifter.

Install was pretty smooth except for the shifter knob. Steeda's shifter arm uses a coarse thread while the Bullitt shifter knob uses a find thread. So I suggested the tech get a tap and chase the thread. There is little thread in the ball itself so not even think of it aligning properly. The tech then grabbed a nut, put the nut using it as a base for the shifter ball to allign properly, tightened it all up and everything was perferct

End result was complete satisfaction. Precise shifting and no more nibbling from 2nd to third. Cabin noise is increased but has a more familiar note of the exhaust which I prefer over the drone sound I was experiencing around 80-110 km. It actually seems to have decreased that droning sound. Also vibration in the stick compared to the stocker is minimal at best.

If anyone has had the nibbling or even missed shifts. I would highly recommend this shifter. I sure it will increase the life of my tranny compared to sticking with the stock shifter.
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