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stereo items for sale

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Clarion ARX 7370 Cassette player with 6 disk changer and EQH 5100 (xover and eq controls from radio) 120$ with install kit for Focus

Orion 225 HCCA 400 watts mono @1ohm w/xover 200$

Orion 275 SX 300 mono @4ohm 200$

Audio Control EQL 50$

Kicker R-6 midbass new in box 50$

I also have a Clarion 6.5" monitor, VCR, and a Clarion TTX7101 Tuner/video in

If you live close I will install the items for you no charge and if you buy one of the amps or Radio, I will build you an enclosure at no charge, you only have to buy the parts.

I also build custom enclosures and amp racks at a reasonable cost if you need anything. If I have to ship anything it will be what shipping is to ship to you. I worked for Sound Central in St. Louis for 2 yrs and have been doing stereos for 12.
Any questions let me know

Items can be viewed @

Bullitt # 2551 Green (3250lbs)
2000 Silver ZX3

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let me know how much you want for the clarion screen....I am much?
sorry this is long gone (july)
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