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Steve McQueen: The Man and LeMans

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Had a great time last night at the movie premiere for a new movie called Steve McQueen: The Man and LeMans. The Movie has some good insights into Steve’s passion for racing and the making of LeMans. Here are some pics Porsche 917, Chad, Movie Poster and Me and my babe on the red carpet
movie trailer link YouTube


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1 - 10 of 10 Posts SoCal cats have ready access to all the neat stuff! :shine:
From the preview, it looks like a good film. 8)
And the 917 is pure car porn. :drool:
Dang Rocky how awesome is that . Would have been fun to attend !
Wow, I would've loved to attend that! So cool!
One Lucky Bullitt Owner

It was a good time, thanks to Chad for inviting the Fiends of Steve McQueen Car show committee. At the after party they gave out movie posters.


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I'm so jealous. What a great opportunity. Just saw the you tube trailer thru another automotive link.
what !! you couldnt score the rest of the SoCal crew a few passes ?
Bummer would have loved to make that, I see its for sale Dec 6th
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