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Mr T I must ask you do you know of any final answer forthcoming on the sticker issue! I was informed by Art Hyde that a remedy was in the making but logistics was the problem on how to handle the issue without replacement stickers falling into the wrong hands. My suggestion is to send replacement stickers to the dealer where the car was purchased. When sending it identify it with a number! And then send that number to the owner by certified mail! If when the customer goes to pick up his or her sticker and they dont have a matching ID number then they dont get the sticker! Its the same program that they use on ordering replacement locks for your wheels on the Bullitt.You register with them and if u loose a wheel lock key u give them the number u should already have! Its seems a surefire way to prevent fraud! Because as for me I dont have one letter or number left on my sticker under the hood! Thanx Havgun! #1676 At least thats what it use to be!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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