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Stock Bullitt Wheels and tires FOR SALE

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I would rather sell these on here instead of ebay.. if anyone is interested in a VERY clean set of 4 stock 2001 Bullitt wheels with Khumo tires on them.
The tires have probably 3/4 tread life left, have been rotated a couple times, they were on the car for probably 10k. They are all the same tread depth, and the same age...NO BURNOUTS with them.
The wheels.. I purchased myself NEW from Ford Racing in April 2001.
They were on my '96 GT Bullitt clone at the time. They are VERY nice, NO rash, NO bad weather ever, and they have only had stick-on wheel weights, NO pound ons. I recently acquired some DD Bullitts, that is why these are for sale.
I would like to get $600 for the set...I think a fair deal considering the condition of the wheels and tires. They have the correct center caps as well. These are near perfect with only a couple chips from rocks. Other than that, they are flawless.
If this sounds reasonable, or if you want to make on offer, you can PM me.
I can get some pics if you need.
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now on ebay.
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