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Well went and had Stongard put on old #1676. And I must say Bob Ried a Stongard distributor and trainer and Dino Sanchez operator of Custom Cars here in Lagrange IL.did an outstanding job! Im really glad I got it done because that cheap paint from Dearborn cant even hold up in a windstorm:) I have some pics of the install will post soon as i can scan them and figure how to post! Thanx Havgun #1676

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Havgunwiltrav, I have to agree with you. I hated to part with the bucks to have it done but getting stone chips on my Bullitt would hurt more. It's worth the peace of mind when I am traveling on the Interstate and surrounded by trucks.

Havgun, I'm looking to do this sometime too. Thanks for sharing the info. Looking forward to the pics. Thx.
Havgun, I had my Bullitt done this week by Jim Stangor from Protec in Buffalo Grove. He came to my house and did it. It was expensive but worth it, I feel. He told me he has done Porches and Ferarris and has never had a complaint. He said if I was not satisfied then he would remove it free of far i am happy! I would recommend this guy if anyone in the Chicago area is interested. Havgun, what did you pay for the install if you don't mind saying? I paid 600.00 with the headlight covers. I will post a pic when i get it..
take care....
correction for my reply to Havgun: The guy that did my install said he would remove it AND REFUND THE ENTIRE 600.00 if i was not satisfied....
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