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Story on the original 68 movie car(s)

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I found this in my files from last year: Interesting read.....
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I've read this before, and all I can say is the owners of that car are, well... strange. Sad thing.
BB2008 said:
I'm sure the kid will sell it once the old man croaks. It is purely a control thing- the guy knows how badly the rest of the world wants to see the car and he gets pleasure from denying everyone the opportunity. He certainly could have made millions from restoring it and showing it.
I've got an idea. Everyone from IMBOC hops in their Bullitts, converges on the site of the original movie car, B-Man hops up on a soapbox with a bullhorn and DEMANDS the immediate release of the car! We start a chant. "GIVE US THE BULLITT CAR! GIVE US THE BULLITT CAR!" The news crews would come, people would talk, we'd force their hand! Hey, these people slapped our dead hero right in the face and refused to even let him NEAR the thing! These "strange ones" need a wake-up call!
54deuce said:
Were does he live?
I'm not sure, but we'll find that sucker no matter where he hides! :lol:
TwoStangWmn said:
"When I reached him, Joe was not happy to entertain questions about his car, which he had relocated twice in the 10 years since our first talk. It had been stored in his father’s garage in 1990, then was moved to a horse farm where it spent a few years in a barn. While there, a worker on the property told a Mustang enthusiast about a hidden green fastback that had a history. From the description, the Mustanger suspected it was the Bullitt car and snuck onto the grounds to take some pictures without permission. Joe told me he had dealt with the employee who allowed this to happen, then moved the car to the garage in his Tennessee home, where it was sitting next to his Porsche as we talked. He thanked me for keeping his identity a secret but once more declined to consider any offers to show the car."
Hey, Vikki, NICE SIGNATURE! :wink:
Frankenstang said:
and then we'd all go to jail by the local sheriff who is friends with the guy.
Cool! Think of it, thousands of IMBOC members locked up for trying to free the Holy Grail of automotive chase scenes! It would make the national news! Maybe the world news! The owner would be SHAMED into bringing it out in the open! Public outcry would free us all! We'd be HEROES!
Jeffroe said:
Naaa..... we'd just be in jail. Singing I wish we hadnt done it songs.:cry: :lol: :lol:
Camp Town Ladies? Swing Low, Sweet Chariot? I can DIG IT! We'll have a blast... I'll bring my harmonica! :lol:
Jeffroe said:
Well as long as you've got a harmonica.. I'm in. :smile:
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TwoStangWmn said:
Why, yes it is Jim! :wink:

Now THAT signature is what I'm talkin' about. Classy for a classy Butterfly Lady! Too cool for school!
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