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Stupid Dumb Accident or Poor Design?

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Has anybody managed to damage their Bullitt (or other late model Mustang) simply by brushing by it just a little too closely? My teenager was walking thru the garage and past the Bullitt when one of the loops on his painter pants caught the edge of the quarter panel just in front of the driver's side rear wheel. In a matter of seconds, he ripped the plastic (rubber?) piece away from the body with the loop of his pants leg. I've had problems with both of the side scoops warping loose, but nothing like this! One side of me says it's all my kids fault, but in all honesty, I'd like to think the thing is screwed together a bit more solidly than this. What do you think my Ford dealer's body shop will tell me?
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Can't say that my scoops or plastic moulding are that loose to catch clothing, but I did notice a scrub mark against one of the wheel wells that p*ssed me off a bit.

It took some time with swirl mark remover and rewaxing to straighten that one out. Don't wail on the youngin', he didn't realize he was in the circle of influence of the Bullitt.
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