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Suspension chirp

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Any one else getting a chirpping noise from the suspension when driving. I was drivng on a beautiful winding road through the mountains and I kept hearing this chirping. At first I'm thinking, boy there are a lot of happy birds around here, but it just seemed to keep following me!! I think it id coming from the passenger side front. I wonder if it related to the fact that the car has Urethane bushings. I might have to lube the heck out of this thing, have grease dripping off all over the place, spraying passers by, making the road slick for everyone. I will not be beat by a squeak!!


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I used to be the same way could not stand to hear a squeak or a rattle. Getting on the freeway the other day I was up by the concrete wall and I could hear a slight squeak coming from the right rear. After 20 years of being annoyed I just smiled and and jumped on the free way. Shifted into 4th around 100mph and thought to myself, who cares about the squeak.
Hi Buds....

I may have a very, very simple fix for this squeak. When I had my F-body cars (95 &98 Z28's) I used to install Eibach springs on a regular basis for all of my fellow F-body friends. Now that I have jumped ship on them, I can pass some of my past knowledge to everyone here.

It is the rear lower coil of the spring scraping on the pilar mount on the control arm. It just gives a subtle squeak when going over bumps.

The solution is to put a piece of simple rubber garden hose around the bottom spring and this got rid of that annoying sound for everyone.

I will post it with some pics when I get some time under the car this weekend.

Paul G.
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he he....I heard the same squeak when 4349 was a few days old, and your right, it sounds exactly like birds chirping! I had a 98GT, that made a squeak that came from the rear end, while hitting a bump....2 trips to the dealer, and the best they could do is lubricate the e-brake lines. I gave up on them after that.
Right on same here been doing it for awhile now! Front left side. Never would thought that it might be the coil spring! will check that out for sure! Thanx Havgun #1676
I have the same problem. Annoying as all hell since in Michigan in the summer, I'm ALWAYS riding alongside a concrete wall in the constant construction.

I have 2 paint spot that decided they would rather be bare metal than covered in paint, so I'll have the dealer check out the suspension while it's in.

I refuse to accept the "rubbing" explanation. Not only do I work on ssupensions, but I have quite a bit of Mustang suspension experience. Unless the rear LCA (or rear spring lower) coil isolator is ripped, it can't rub.
This is the chirp I am talking about. What is the fix??!!! Could it really be the coil spring, I'll lube that bastard up tomorrow and see how that goes.
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