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He is 16.
His car was pretty much his whole life up till last night. He would take his friends out on this one road way out where there is no traffic but has curves and speed on that road. He took a curve way too fast and rolled it. He had 2 friends with him and no one got hurt. He said he lost it around the curve when he went wide and hit gravel and then it flipped. He figured he was going about 70 on the curve and it is a 35mph curve! He told his Dad that he wished he had died along with his Mustang. :sad: He and his Dad came over to our house because he wanted to talk to me about it and we made him feel a little better about it. No one was hurt and he learned a very valuable lesson as he got a wreckless driving endangerment ticket (as he had passengers) and speeding ticket. His dad got a lawyer. They don't know if it is totaled yet.

That car has placed some trophies at car shows, including the one in Bozeman Montana last Labour Day. I hope it is not totaled or they can buy it back from the insurance and fix it up. I feel the pain for him.. :cry:

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Thank god no one was hurt.
When my son totalled the '67, he had two friends in the car. My son had a fractured skull, broken nose, lots of stitches and lots of bruising. The kid in the back seat needed stitches in his chin. The kid in the front had no injuries at all...just panic stricken when my son ended up in his lap, unconcious.
After seeing the car, we're lucky they're all alive.
Anyway, KIDS think they're invincible. Hopefully, they learn from their mistakes.
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