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Posting this here for you Bullittheads. It is also posted on

I was looking for someone to install a Kenny Bell 2.1L SC on my 2001 Mustang Bullitt GT.
SWTuning was recommended to me by Members of IMBOC (International Mustang Bullitt
Owners Club). I was looking for someone that would do a no-nonsense and professional
install and Tune. Two other Shops were also recommended to me. I sent emails to all
three and Jim was the only one that responded in a timely fashion and was ready and
willing to do the work. One didn't respond at all!

I was out of the Country at the time and trying to order the KB by Satellite Internet and fax/phone. I had big problems contacting KB (just try to get them) and although I had already received a quote for install from Jim, I could not get KB to send me a Tuner Kit. I finally gave up on KB and asked Jim what his recommendation would be. He recommended the Paxton Novi 2000 over the Vortech and after investigating the Paxton, I found out that they have a lot of years experience on Mustangs and it was a proven Race Product.

Jim ordered the Polished Paxton for me and I got a few parts together (Clutch, Gauges, etc....). I was scheduled in for a May 1st appointment and it was going to take 3-4 Days. Jim was able to get me in early (April 16th) and we agreed that he could keep the car for 2 weeks and take his time working on it. It was only sitting in my garage anyway. I would still have it back BEFORE my original May 1st appointment.

With anything having to do with automotive repair/upgrade, you run into snags along the way. Centerforce did not provide TOB and release in the Kit, so Jim had to get those. There were a few other parts not included or missing, which seems to be the norm these days, but were procured quickly. The AutoMeter Boost Gauge had intermittent lighting problems, so Jim had to get another one. AutoMeter also did not provide the fitting for the fuel rail for the Fuel Pressure Gauge. Little things like this. This is not the fault of SWTuning but the fault of the parts suppliers and we all know how that can be.

Jim upgraded my Tuner Kit to use a custom fitted 1.75" Bypass Valve (hose size) as opposed to the standard smaller valve provided in the Kit. He custom fitted this into the 4" Power Pipe, and went ahead and gloss black powdercoated the pipe, after fabrication.

Jim and his staff did a super install of the system and there are no loose wires or botched work done at his Shop. He went out of his way to please me and spent many hours over what he had quoted and stood by his quote. My car runs GREAT on my 93Safe Tune and I have a 93Race Tune along with a 91Safe Tune, written and loaded into the SCT XCal2.

I could not be more pleased with the service and the professionalism of SWTuning. Jim and his staff's hard work certainly pleased me and that is hard to do! He stood by his Quote and delivered on the agreed time. The car is scary to me now and the power is awesome! When I get used to it, I will have to go back to Jim for some more goodies!

I recommend and Jim Paschall for all your Mustang upgrades and his great and safe Tunes. He spends many hours getting each and every one of these Tunes exactly right. He is not like most of the other shops who only spend an hour or two to tune a vehicle.

I hear he is also good with Corvettes!

A. Allen (P-51 Bullitt) Sadler, TX
2001 Mustang Bullitt GT (#3206) - Black - "1 of only 1818 Made"
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