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THANK YOU!!! Boys Republic Donation final tally

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The Legend Lives Tour was the second official event for HoonDog Events, Inc. (the Shootout was the first). What an awesome event it was, in many ways!
The intent of HoonDog Events, as a new IMBOC affiliated Bullitt family non-profit corporation is to continue to bring you national and regional level Bullitt events, while doing so with a higher purpose operating as a charitable entity in support of Boys Republic.

Boys Republic is an incredible organization, a private non-profit school, supporting disadvantaged and at risk boys and girls to become productive adults.
For over 100 years, they have successfully led thousands of youth towards that end, including Steve McQueen. We are very proud to stand with the McQueen foundation as a Bullitt family in supporting Boys Republic. The youth of our nation represent our future!

With all your incredibly generous donations and support before and during our events, we were able to raise $3,800 for Boys Republic. Chris Burns, the Director of Boys Republic wanted me to express his heartfelt thanks to the Bullitt family for so generously supporting the kids!

We are now looking forward to our 2013 and 2014 HoonDog Bullitt events, and we believe we can continually set new records of donations in support of this worthy cause. Please monitor our website, for new updates for future events.

We want to give a HUGE thanks of appreciation to everyone who contributed, participated, and supported our events, and our chartered cause!


HoonDog Events, Inc
Kurt Andersson
Greg Autry
Paul Rocha
Charles Jones

Treva Gonzales
Brad Sherrill
Charles Heath
David Bigelow
Jimmy Ray
Mike (B-Man)
Chad McQueen
Chris Burns
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marichardson said:
Since this is a "numbers" thread, do we have a breakdown on the number of participants (vehicles) on LL tour ? I realize the number will vary along the way with people dropping in and out of segments, but perhaps you can clarify:
The number overall regardless of length of particpation?
Most vehicles in convoy in any trip segment?
How many vehicles made the entire trip from start to finish?

Enquiring mind(s) wanna know...
Wow, those are all really good questions ... I hope Kurt (or SOMEBODY) was keeping track, because those numbers are really going to help add to my story ... when I write it ...

Since I was not driving ( :( ) I bought an iPad and I was journaling all during the roadtrip. If I wasn't typing while watching the sites and riding (oh, and chattering in the backseat), I wrote each night in the hotel (except while in Vegas :)).

My journal, in combination with our "Drivers" packet and postcards from each stop... will make for a pretty good story to tell the my future Mustang loving Grandbabies in the years to come!

marichardson said:
Yeah, good you have my back (I think) on this. I was unclear on who was there. For example, did Joyce Epperson particpate?
I do, Mike ... and I'll try to continue to harras Kurt ... once he undigs himself ... No, Joyce didn't make it.

BULLITT3230 said:
ya, I have those numbers....somewhere in all my boxes....I will post as soon as things settle down.

Got back to real world lunacy....crazy at work long hours, lost my virtual office status and now have to waste time commuting (=less hours in the evening), and Tami's mom went into the hospital this week...been stressful, and we haven't even unpacked will post eventually
So sorry to hear about Tami's mom, hope all is well now.

Also sorry to hear about you having to drive to the office now ... yeah, lots of sympathy from ME !

I'll go look for some patience, and check back here frequently :)
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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