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Thank You For Making The Legend Lives Tour A Success

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I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to eveyone involved for helping the Legend Lives Tour be the success we hoped it would be. This event took the help of many, many people on several fronts to come together.

Some of those involved include:

The LL Tour participants
Those who donated to Boys Republic but were unable to attend
The Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show
Boys Republic (both the KIDS and administrators)
Shawn Carney and Ford
The SoCal Bullitt Crew
Our hosts at stops along the way
Our families for allowing us to not grow up. LOL
The Sponsors (please see sponsor page and support these vendors when you can)

Forgive me if there is anyone I've left out. I'm still suffering from Las Vegas.

I hope to see all of you and more at future HoonDog events!

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kaylan1521 said:
You forgot to thank the guy that kept you company until the wee hours of the morning in Vegas! ;)
I thought I was keeping you company. :confused:

Maybe we need someone to keep us company. :lol:

Uh, maybe not....
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^^^^^ What he said. I ate two large pieces. We left some for Juan, the owner of the Sno-Cap Drive-in.
tigerhonaker said:
Perhaps a mention of Steve Brant that Sold his 2008 Bullitt Mustang and

Donated $10,000.00 Dollars to The Boys Republic School.


It has been mentioned in another thread or two. I believe it is very generous and giving of Steve for what he's doing with his Bullitt. He should be applauded by everyone. This is a huge deal for the Steve and the Boys Republic.

That being said, the LL Tour would have been a success or failure regardless of Steve's generosity in contributing to the Boys Republic.

This thread is a big thank you to those who contributed to make the LL Tour a success. Steve was a part of making it a success. His providing the cake at the Wigwam was a nice touch as well as all of the miles he drove to participate.

Steve should have his moment regarding the sale of his Bullitt and the purchase and modification of his tribute Bullitt.

And the contributors to the LL Tour should have theirs, including Steve.

I just feel it should be kept to separate threads. :wink:

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1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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