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kaylan1521 said:
And there was a very large Louisville Slugger in the Support truck for any of those that may get out of line.........
You may have had the Louisville Slugger, but you would have to catch us......:tongue: :idea:

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tigerhonaker said:
Perhaps a mention of Steve Brant that Sold his 2008 Bullitt Mustang and

Donated $10,000.00 Dollars to The Boys Republic School.


It has been mentioned in another thread or two. I believe it is very generous and giving of Steve for what he's doing with his Bullitt. He should be applauded by everyone. This is a huge deal for the Steve and the Boys Republic.

That being said, the LL Tour would have been a success or failure regardless of Steve's generosity in contributing to the Boys Republic.

This thread is a big thank you to those who contributed to make the LL Tour a success. Steve was a part of making it a success. His providing the cake at the Wigwam was a nice touch as well as all of the miles he drove to participate.

Steve should have his moment regarding the sale of his Bullitt and the purchase and modification of his tribute Bullitt.

And the contributors to the LL Tour should have theirs, including Steve.

I just feel it should be kept to separate threads. :wink:


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Just also want to add my thanks for all who contributed directly or indirectly. Well worth the drive East to meet up with the LL attendees. Very well organized. Just wish there was enough time to personally express my gratitude to all participants. But I guess this is what this thread is for...

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And a HUGE thanks to Bill (wabirch) and Jeff (Mayhem) for graciously offering to be the lead vehicles during the event! This was no small task to undertake, and was greatly appreciated!

I have to admit I am still in awe, having only arrived home last night.
But what a great event!
What a blast!
Kicks on 66 with Bullitt buddies, capped by a great Friends of Steve McQueen show, secret squirrel stuff....good mishaps (other than a tire on of all things the support trailer! :lol: ).....WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

A big thanks to HoonDog Events, and EVERYONE who made it truly a Once in a Lifetime Event!!!!
once in a lifetime???
let's see.... ;)
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