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I just had to say thanks for the bumper cover! It's times like this that makes IMBOC more like a family than a forum!

For those not in the know. I purchased the bumper cover from Rarecat (Frank) off of the Bullitt he was parting out. For an AMAZING price. Based on the price, I figured that I would be looking at a cover that would need repair when I got it home. But, I figured it would fit what I've wanted in the first place; a bumper cover, from a True Blue GT that if it was repainted and replaced it would be tough to tell that the cover was replaced.

We talked a little about shipping, but decided that since the previously shipped stuff had gotten destroyed, it would be best if I came and got it. So, after a couple of phone calls, south bound we were. 12 Hours round trip, including gas stops, food breaks.... And an hour's worth of sweat, and it's on!

I only wish I could have shaken your hand Frank, however... I did deal with his friend Fred. I'm sure friend laughed his ass off at us. Seeing as how I brought the Bullitt down, and put the cover in for a 5 hour trip home. Frank, you have to come to the Bullitt Nationals! I got at least one beer ya! If anyone's contemplating buying anything from him, don't worry.

The bumper cover you ask? AWESOME! NO REPAIR NEEDED! 110% better than my ORIGINAL cover BEFORE it had been wrecked. It's on the car now, and shining with a fresh coat of wax.

Any parts of the Bullitt left Frank? :)
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