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The capital of Texas...
In the middle of nowhere...
Some of the best racers in the state live there too...

I am a postwhore in TRS (Texas Racing Scene) and well, everyone knows me as Los, the bullitt boy trash talkin potty mouth person. heheh, not really. But I've met some really interesting racers and people here, notably a guy that drives a Silver 2000 GT, a Black 2001 GT, and a few more. Since I've posted, I've had numerous challenges from these people; to go to Austin and race.

We meet up at this Randalls on S. Mopac and just rows of GTs and other cars line up. I'm warmly greeted and introduce myself to others and we sh*t talk for a few. Then Jason, aka BadassGT with a 2001 GT, decides that we need to hurry up and run. It was supposed to be a stock race but how the races went, he's got something done to it. Mild but effective.

Lets see...
Match 1: Los vs. BaddassGT (that's not stock!)
first run: He gets me but I pull hard in 3rd gear.
second run: I barely edge him.
Third run: I miss 3rd. DOH!
Fourth run: weird run. I was starting to move slightly when the light turned. Awesome win!!! hahahaah
Fifth run: Jason says smoke em. I smoked em alright. Had to wait a few minutes to clear the smoke. Did I mention I'm almost bald now??? Dead even until I miss 3rd again! DOH!!!
Sixth and final run: I don't miss any gears and he beats me. I think it was the traction thing.

Great runs and Jason is a really cool guy. 2 of 6... If we would've done ten, I'm sure I would've gotten 5 for 10.

Match 2: GTman001 vs. Los

run 1: Great spot to race, just sucky riceing road. Get a little to happy on the stalling and the next thing you know, I spend all of first and half of second trying to keep the car in a straight line. He edges me cause he has an auto but we pretty much stay even with no one gaining.

run 2: Redo and I'm a little more confident on what to do. I don't spin as bad and I jump ahead of him. But, since 2nd to 3rd is still really bad for me, I shift early and hope that my top end 3rd will start the pull. We don't get passed 80 mph. Even. Good runs.

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Los, Keep kicking a$$.

Some questions/comments. You've said, more than once, that autos beat sticks dragging. I beg to differ. I've never, EVER, heard of someone being beat by a regular automatic transmission.

Wussup with you missing 3rd gear all the time? you mentioned the bent shift fork once before. I'd hate to be your transmission. Best of luck in having the dealer fix that GRATIS.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!!

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No no no, I'm for 5 speeds getting a lot better times than autos. Our auto brethren have, I think, a higher gear ratio than we do. I think, personally, that automatic GTs suck because they don't utilize the hp like 5 speeds or even LS1 autos do.

The only reason he hung with me was because he didn't spin while I spun all night long. Damn street tires. :smile:
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