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The "Bullitt" Charger is alive and well... and for sale!

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According to this article just published online... the Charger Bill Hickman drove is alive and well and restored... and for sale! :eek: :eek: :eek: in Tucson, AZ...

Well, I guess it **was** for sale. I just went to the link in the article...

.. and it's not listed in their inventory. :(



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That car was at FoSM last year for Bullitt. Arnold was there and spoke to several of us about his Charger! There is some question by other experts given the lack of documentation on the movie Chargers. Unlike the Mustangs that have very clear VIN number documentation, the charger's records were likely destroyed during the WB fire.

There is a great write up at Wolfgang's site. look under the Bullitt site and under the Chargers tab.
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