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Though covered in fog, people still race out at Cherry Hill. Maybe because its more exciting when you can't see if a car is coming or just the sheer fact that going fast in fog is cool!

Another Lightning decided to play as we got closer to the edge of the hill. After the light, I identified the truck to my gf and let her know that I've raced a few in town. I sheepishly grinned as I softly mentioned my victories against the mighty Lightning. The light turns and I move around traffic to get next to it. Then, at a good 60 or so, we go. I take him by half a car up to 100, where I shifted @ 5600 and it made a big difference as he pulled slightly on me but began his ascent to the top. We backed off at 130. We play around, almost like two lovers and their lust in foreplay. We couldn't wait to get more. We danced the race but didn't actually commit to anything. We got to the end of the street and turned around and he asked if he wanted to go. I agreed and waited. He counted and I launched. He jumped me but I quickly swallowed the distance as I got closer to my shift point. In came 6100 and a bad mis-shift. I landed 2nd gear but at the cost of a bad grind and he jumped me again by a whole car. I went after him but couldn't catch him. He beat me by at least 1 1/2. Round 3 was my redemption.

We post up and wait for a sec. He gets staged up and I await my destiny. I stall to 1.8 while he counts. 3-2-1. Go. I slip the clutch and gas, and feeling the car start to lose ground, I ease off but quickly compensate and take the lead @ 1/2 a car by the first 6.1k shift. I speed shift into 2nd and maintain the 1/2 lead. I powershift into 3rd gear @ 5.9k and still hold. He begins to pull on me at around 95 or so. As 5.9k came again, I powershifted into 4th and jumped away. I began my pull away from him as we approached 130. We ended it as I got one car ahead and a higher ego than before! :smile:

If you read this thread man, good run. You were the best Lightning I've raced yet.

Go get em boyz.
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