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I rolled out of the dealer with my Bullitt on May 15th. It is Green and graced with the number, 435. On May 25th, while visiting family in FL, some punks tried to steal it one night and did $2100 dollars worth of body damage (smashed quarter window, prybarred window pillars).

I had it repaired and then smoked a Black '96 V6 'stang that tried to drag race me on the GA 400. 435 blasted past him doing well over 100 mph in a crazy, weaving race that lasted over five miles and through a toll booth.

One month after it was repaired, somebody backed into it in a parking garage and didn't bother to tell me. I arrived to a nice dented front bumper. Two days ago, while visiting my brother in Asheville, a mountain road and my Bullitt had a disagreement which ended in $200 worth of damage to the splash guards behind the front tires. Luckily, my suspension and alignment are a-OK.

As of this moment, the car looks just fine. The bumper has been fixed, and the splash guards are only damaged under the car, not on the outside. The new ones have been ordered and are on their way.

Bullitt 435 has so far been given a short hand on the road, but the hiways and biways haven't seen the last of her. You can't keep a good car down.

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