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The kind of programmer I would like..!

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Is there a device out,that would enable you to tweak the Ignition timing and A/F ratio at part throttle and of course WOT. I have an SCT programmer,but you are limited to the box tune and ability to slightly tune the timing and fuel curve,over the basic tune,but only at WOT conditions. I think there is some power and response to be gained,after adding headers and a CAI kit,plus a gear change.
The only other way to do Part Throttle,is expensive dyno and tuning thru a Tuner shop. I have been tuning engines,carbed kind for years,and know what's needed,but don't have the electronics package,to make it happen for the 2001 Mustang.
At part throttle medium acceleration,my A/F readings are in the 14.6 to 15.0 range. I think there is a little that could be gained thru more tuning. 13.8 to 14.2 is a good happy range,atleast in my carbed 85 LX!
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The Excaliber 3 can do what you need. It has the feature of adding "global timing" across the board or in specific RPM ranges.
What about A/F changes at less than full WOT? The Xcal2,I have will let you do limited timing changes thru the complete range,but only under WOT.
When in closed loop mode,the factory tune keeps the engine in the 14.7 range,for best catalytic convertor operation and emmissons,but maybe not the best throttle response and power/torque.
I thought the Predator could do that too.
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