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***The Legend Lives Bullitt Tour Schedule!!!!!

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So here we go!!! Dates and overnight locations are firm. Hotel info will follow soon!!!!

Saturday May 26th Chicago to Pacific, Mo
Sunday May 27th Pacific, Mo to Yukon, OK
Monday May 28th Yukon, OK to Tucumcari NM
Tuesday May 29th Tucumcari NM to Holbrook, AZ
Wednesday May 30th Holbrook AZ to Las Vegas
Thursday May 31st Las Vegas
Friday June 1 Las Vegas to Chino Hills
Saturday June 2nd FoSM Show
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Huh? Burnouts cant come? Thats not fair if somebodys a 'burn-out'. Maybe they had a tough time in college? Or..they coulda been held down 'til they inhaled?

No one wil be free until burnouts are free and accepted! burnouts are people too!
Question for the Legend lives committee

This once in a lifetime trip will take place during the Memorial day weekend and the monday(May 28th)when communities normally observe Ceremonies/Parades and dedications for those of our veterans who made the supreme sacrifice.

My question is this: Will there be time allowed for us as a group to pause and remember our fallen servicemembers? Or will we be on our own as individuals to find a communitys scheduled observance to attend?

I, as a veteran, see Memorial day as a day of rememberence and reflection for those we owe a debt we are unable to pay...and as such I want to see if our trip schedule allows time for us to pay our respects.

Thanks for a well thought out answer to my question. I well understand how many other variables are still being considered by the planning committee, and that the concerns regarding business closings for Memorial day could impact those participating in the Legend Lives Tour moreso than the observances will.

You asked if I had a suggestion on how we can observe Memorial day...well, I would not want to saddle the schedule with a stop that may or may not be suitable to all participating. Maybe just simply pulling over to the side of the road at 11am local time and take a minute of silence for those who gave all for us? This could be done for those traveling in packs or single cars.

I will look into what Amarillo Texas has planned as that seems to be the largest city that our crew will likely be stopping at...I believe thats where the 72oz 'free' steak dinner is (free only if completely consumed, side dishes too).

If nothing else suits us during the day or at 11am...we can always gather up and remember our Fallen when we get to Tucumcari NM.
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BULLITT3230 said:
The detailed schedule is not set in concrete; actual daily tourist stops are still being decided based upon priority, opportunity vs time schedule.

But, the daily structure relative to start/end points is set as:

Saturday May 26: Chicago Il - Pacific Mo
Sunday May 27: Pacific - Yukon OK
Monday May 28: Yukon - Tucumcari NM
Tuesday May 29: Tucumcari - Holbrook, AZ
Wednesday May 30: Holbrook - Las Vegas
Tursday May 31: remain in Las Vegas
Friday June 1: Las Vegas - Chino Hills, CA
Saturday June 2: Chino Hills

Generically, given the above, hopefully will give you a better view as to where we may be in the course of any given day...

stay tuned as more info will be forthcoming as plans are solidified...
hotel contracts are nearly finalized, and we anticipate registration to be opened up by first of the year, based on expected completion of our incorporation as a 501/3/c non profit by then.
Kurt, this looks like a good plan. Using the given destination/date and later, info re; lodging and route the body of the tour will be using...anyone driving from anywhere within the continental North American land mass will be able to figure how to meet the group along the road.

BZ! you guys planning this rock. Extra raisin pie for the committee!
hoosierblackbullitt said:
I thought Bullittheads ran only on Romulan Ale.
Last time I saw RA being guzzled...I recall it was more than a few Pickleteers doin the most...
I'll wait 'til I see an In-N-Out...if I can see the cook cooking in the wok, yes I'll have Chinese...but steam table buffet fare has not done well with me...I now cosign such fare as swill and avoid it.

Fresh Chinese cooking is filling and tasty...always up for that.
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