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***The Legend Lives Bullitt Tour Schedule!!!!!

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So here we go!!! Dates and overnight locations are firm. Hotel info will follow soon!!!!

Saturday May 26th Chicago to Pacific, Mo
Sunday May 27th Pacific, Mo to Yukon, OK
Monday May 28th Yukon, OK to Tucumcari NM
Tuesday May 29th Tucumcari NM to Holbrook, AZ
Wednesday May 30th Holbrook AZ to Las Vegas
Thursday May 31st Las Vegas
Friday June 1 Las Vegas to Chino Hills
Saturday June 2nd FoSM Show
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Well Mike and I have mothballed the Bullitt for the past several years. I've been a deadbeat on this site.
BUT, just registered for the cruise and show! YEEHAW - back in the Bullitt saddle in 2012!
Love them road trips! Planning to join up at the start.
BULLITT3230 said:


The LL is NOW on the road to greatness with you two joining!!!

For all you 08/09 folks, Mike and Joyce are the King and Queen of Mustangs, and just great folk!!

I am WAY honored you chose our events to bring out your Bullitt!!

66 here we come!!!
LOL! You're too kind!
No sir it is I who am honored.
It is just the coolest thing in the world to belong to this group. Who would have guessed 11 years ago it would still be going so strong?
I am really looking forward to the trip, seeing you "old" Bullittheads again and meeting all the new people, attending a very special car show, and being there to honor Steve McQueen.
1 - 2 of 116 Posts
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