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***The Legend Lives Bullitt Tour Schedule!!!!!

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So here we go!!! Dates and overnight locations are firm. Hotel info will follow soon!!!!

Saturday May 26th Chicago to Pacific, Mo
Sunday May 27th Pacific, Mo to Yukon, OK
Monday May 28th Yukon, OK to Tucumcari NM
Tuesday May 29th Tucumcari NM to Holbrook, AZ
Wednesday May 30th Holbrook AZ to Las Vegas
Thursday May 31st Las Vegas
Friday June 1 Las Vegas to Chino Hills
Saturday June 2nd FoSM Show
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chrisW said:
I plan on being in Vegas on the Wednesday unless I get talked into going to Chicago by someone
You should go to Chicago Chris :)
chrisW said:
lets get a roll call of canucks planing on going
Been working on a list of said Canucks

chrisW said:
Thats over 9100km. Or 5800 miles Vancouver...Chicago. Chino hills and home....damn...anyone driving more miles on their bullitt then that on this trip?
Damn Dude that's a lot of driving! 8,065 km for me round trip. That's why we're calling it the event of a lifetime.
BULLITT3230 said:
The Legend Lives Tour organizers and insurance states that we cannot condone or encourage any illegal or questionable behavour such as burnouts.

Your consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Please be sure us organizers are looking the other way before proceeding! :lol:
Or maybe one of the organizers can be in the car doing the not encouraged burnout! But he'll have his head turned looking the other way.
chrisW said:
is there a list of bullittheads homes on the way to Chino hills that we plan to do burnouts infront of?

Paul what car are you driving? the boss or your second bullitt?
Kayla will most likely drive #2 on the tour. If there is room in my trailer I may try to sneak #1 into it.
6treva9 said:
Interesting ... thanks !
Just a thought here but.........

Couldn't you two folks work out a deal going one way then the other????
SteveNYC said:
Sorry I've been "off site" so much lately. Doing a lot of work so I can make some money in 2012.

Question: Does the Legend Lives Tour have a web site? I've got some people I want to tell about it, but I can't send them to an IMBOC thread. :rolleyes:

Who these people are is a secret for now, but I really can't talk to them without a web site. :wink:

Thanks for the help!


Here you go Steve
Jimmy Ray said:
I get to go I have my vacation approved

JR is in!!!
1 - 7 of 116 Posts
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