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***The Legend Lives Bullitt Tour Schedule!!!!!

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So here we go!!! Dates and overnight locations are firm. Hotel info will follow soon!!!!

Saturday May 26th Chicago to Pacific, Mo
Sunday May 27th Pacific, Mo to Yukon, OK
Monday May 28th Yukon, OK to Tucumcari NM
Tuesday May 29th Tucumcari NM to Holbrook, AZ
Wednesday May 30th Holbrook AZ to Las Vegas
Thursday May 31st Las Vegas
Friday June 1 Las Vegas to Chino Hills
Saturday June 2nd FoSM Show
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chrisW said:
Thats over 9100km. Or 5800 miles Vancouver...Chicago. Chino hills and home....damn...anyone driving more miles on their bullitt then that on this trip?
You will have me by about 600 miles. I'm thinking it's about 5200 miles from Fort Worth to Chicago to LA to Fort Worth.

:surprised: Kinda takes my breath away thinking about it.:smile:
Kraut-60 said:
Huh? Burnouts cant come? Thats not fair if somebodys a 'burn-out'. Maybe they had a tough time in college? Or..they coulda been held down 'til they inhaled?

No one wil be free until burnouts are free and accepted! burnouts are people too!
Nothing like the socialist states to give a person a new perspective on the lives of others...
chuckh said:
Come on guys the event of a life time, a large item in the bucket list, don't worry about mileage on the car, worry about mileage on yourself. Use the car for what it was made for, travel, fun, enjoyment, exposure, stories, friendship and most of all being a Bullitthead. Yea us.:wink:
I like that!

Yea Us!
Right Chuck, and hours of planning and studying to accomplish...... :rolleyes:
Wherever we stop to gas/eat/stay overnight at, we will undoubtly need more than one facility/hotel for all that are interested in doing this trip/convoy. If it gets over twenty cars, it maybe preferable to break it up into mini groups? The Wessons maybe traveling with us.
WOW! I think that's pretty dang good! I was thinking I'd be doing good to get one or two for a penny a mile...
Bullitt 736 said:
I found a nice Chinese buffet in Holbrook, AZ. Who's up for some? :shock:

You must want to stop about one half hour down the road to eat again...:eek: :surprised:

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
My time off is offically approved for the trip. Mary Elaine's should be coming in next and then...Next payday, Registration for the Tour!!!!!

Hopefully a list of hotels for the route can be provided soon to reserve rooms? We are staying at the Ayers in Chino Hills again, no?
Bullitt 736 said:

Go here:

Click on LL Tour at the top and go to hotels. :wink:

And yes we are staying at the Ayres again.
Thanks, I found it a few minutes after asking the questions...D'uh!

I thought I saw it, then could not find the references. :redface:
1 - 9 of 116 Posts
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