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The Mach 460

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For those of you that got the stereo upgrade, and actually play music instead of listening to the car, does anybody use any of the effects stuff? To me, everything sound wrong when it's on. And that one setting, "news". Who would ever want to use that one? Makes everything sound like an old AM radio from 1964.
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Got the stereo upgrade because Ford's best is the very least that I'd consider playing. Frankly, though, it's never on. It sounds like trash and the burble from the exhaust is too sweet a sound to miss. I LOVE music and have a recording studio in my basement. The Bullitt makes a different kind of music and I find it most pleasant.
sad but true, the radio is off more than it's on in my car. i've NEVER done that before....i've always loved crankin' my tunes
same here, i hardly ever listen to the radio. I am still learning the car so i want to know what the motor is doing. I have tried the DSP feature you are referring to, i dont car for it at all. I want to upgrade the stereo, but i am in nooooooooo rush. I plan to change the exhaust before the stereo, and then i will have to listen to the new exhaust all the time.

best way to sum it all up is, the sound of the bull is music to my ears.
Rarely listen to it, but discovered today that Mazzy Star sounds great on "Hall". :smile:

It seems like Ford should've offered a "radio delete" option for all you guy's. I like the the stereo, but sometimes I enjoy the rumbling mantra of the engine as a kind of therapy.
I do spend sometime listening to the CD6. If you're listening to a CD, the "compress" feature should be on. You get more dimention to the tracks. Of course, I also find myself listening to the car pretty often!
I have to agree with everyone else. I listen to the radio less in my bullitt than I have in any other car I have owned.
One option I do like with the radio is the one where you can change the direction of the music. Having it in the drivers position really makes a difference.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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