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The Near-As-I-Can-Tell-One-And-Only Thing About eBay I Don't Like

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Hello One And All,

I think 99.99% of eBay is fantastic. However, there is the one thing about it that I don't like: listings that boast "no reserve" while simultaneously having a "minimum bid". I see no effective difference...both are substantive mechanisms for a product's owner to not accept any offers below a certain financial amount.

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Ebay does have an escrow syste, but I've never used it. The items I've purchased have always been dealers with know physical addresses. One guy had even gone to the same college as my parents, and his shop was in the college town. My Bullitt media kit came all the way from Berlin, Germany, and it didn;t cost me an arm and leg to get it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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