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The new many are planned to be built?...and check out the dealer mark up!

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Anyone know how many Ford plans to build?
I was at my local dealer and one of the sales
persons told me they are sold before they
ever arrive at the dealer and never sit in
the show room. I have seen no T-Birds on
any show rooms locally. I want to look but
can't find a "birdy". I have only seen one
on the road. BTW, the sales person said they
were marking them up $6,000!

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Hmmmm you guys should check out their forum at BON. Looks like more than a few are proud of the fact that they paid $5000.00 plus more than sticker. That whole dealer mark-up thing is the sole reason I'm driving a Bullitt and not an '01 Cobra and boy am I happier than a "pig in @#$%" about that.
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