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The NorCal/SoCal BlackMustangClub GTG on August 13 and 14 in Seaside/Monterey.

The plan is to meet up Saturday afternoon between 12-1, deppending on traffic. Here is the address...

Round Table Pizza: Marina
(831) 384-7227
3120 Del Monte Blvd
Marina, CA 93933

After lunch we will cruise to the Monterey State Beach. Info about the beach can be found here:

and here:

We will use this scenic drive along the shore to get there (map of cruise is the 4th map attached):

From RTP, get on Mortimer Ln. and drive northwest.
Turn Left onto Del Monte Blvd.
Take the Ca-1 S ramp.
Take the Del Monte Ave. ramp to the right towards Pacific Grove.
Turn right onto Park Ave.
Head for Monterey State Beach.
Total Dist: 8.15 miles

Once we get there we will head towards the north end of the beach. That part has free parking and is said to be the most scenic. The south has metered parking. We will take some time for photo ops and video ops (drive byes, anyone? ).

Dinner will be at the Mandarin House at 7p.m. It's a sit down Chinese place. Prices are $7 - $12. I do not have a website with a menu, but here's the address / tel number / how to get there from the beach:

Chef Lee's Mandarin House
(831) 375-9551
2031 Fremont St
Monterey, CA 93940

To get there from the Monterey State Beach, follow these directions (map is the fifth one attached):

From the Monterey State Beach, get on Park Ave. and drive south.
Turn left onto Del. Monter Ave.
Turn right onto Casa Verde Way.
Turn right onto North Fremont St.
Look for Chef Lee's Mandarin House.
Total Dist: 1.52 miles

We will be staying in Seaside, Saturday night. The following hotels have rooms avail. Due to people being on a budget, the best course of action is to pick which hotel suits your price range. They are all near each other, so we won't be all over the place. If people want to have hotel parties / go to a bar, google the addresses and make sure you guys stay at places closest to each other / closest to the bar.

Carmel Hill Lodge
1374 Munras Ave
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 373-3252
$109, 5 rooms left

Best Western Magic Carpet Lodge
1875 Fremont Blvd
Seaside, CA 93955
(831) 899-4221
$80-99, 13 left

Econo Lodge Bay Breeze
2049 Fremont Blvd
Seaside, CA 93955
(831) 899-7111
$100/109, 15 nonsmoking, 8 smoking

Holiday Inn Express AT MONTEREY BAY
1400 Del Monte Blvd.
Seaside, CA 93955
(831) 394-5335
$199, 10 rooms left

Howard Johnson Express Inn - Monterey Seaside -
1893 Fremont Boulevard
Seaside, CA 93955
$139, 10-11 rooms left

Seaside Inn (831) 394-4041
$75, they hung up on me b4 I could get # of rooms

Jr Thomas Lodge (831) 394-6786
(Actually called Sealand Inn, good luck getting through)

Thunderbird Motel (831) 394-6797
$69, "plenty of rooms left"

Gateway Lodge Motel (831) 394-6606
$65, 10 rooms

Sandcastle Motel (831) 394-6556
$99, 6 non smoking, 4 smoking (interesting on hold

Sunday Morning we will meet up at 8:30am at the Round Table Pizza parking lot and cruise to Denny's in Monterey for a 9am breakfast. The address for Denny's is:

Denny's Restaurant
755 Abrego St
Monterey, CA 93940

After breakfast we are going to drive to the Monterey Aquarium at around 11. Entrance fee for the aquarium is $21.95 for adults, with 20 or more people, we basically get a $2 discount making it $19.95 for adults. The address for the Monterey Bay Aquarium is:

Monterey Bay Aquarium
886 Cannery Row
Monterey, CA 93940

Parking for the aquarium can be kind of difficult because all the "free" parking spots around the aquarium are metered. What I have found is the Cannery Row parking garage, about 3 blocks from the aquarium. You can see it on the fourth map attached below and read about it here:

Cannery Row Garage - Located on Foam Street between Hoffman and Prescott Streets. Best parking for Cannery Row, the Aquarium and the Recreation Trail. Hourly parking with an attendant, $0.75 per half-hour or fraction thereof, $12 maximum per day, Visa and MasterCard accepted. Monthly permits available. 1003 Spaces

The plan will be to try and take the roof of the parking garage for great photo ops of our stangs on the roof of a parking garage.

For the people joining us Sunday, they can meet us at the aquarium.

After the aquarium, we will have lunch at Rosine's. They said as long as we don't come around the lunch rush hour (12 noon, we should be fine.) Their address / phone number / website so you can see the menu are:

Rosine's Restaurant
434 Alvarado Street
Monterey, CA 93940
Phone: 831-375-1400

The map of how to get to Rosine's from the aquarium is attached below (3rd attachment). The directions are as follows:

From Cannery Row turn left onto Lighhouse Ave.
From Lighhouse Ave. turn right onto Tyler St.
From Tyler St. turn right onto E. Pearl St.
From E. Pearl St. turn right onto Alvarado St.
Head to 434 Alvarado St.
Total Dist: 1.86 miles.

When we are done eating, we will head out for the Sunday cruise. It will be around the Monterey peninsula, seen in the attached map. For people who want to know the roads we are taking, these are the roads the cruise will follow:

Go onto cannery row
Turn onto ocean view blvd.
Then onto sunset dr.
Turn onto 17 mile drive
Exit at carmel (there'll be a gate)
And go onto scenic drive

You can see this route in the Monterey map (1st map attached) that 05 FSTBK made for us.

This cruise will be our last event, so be sure to take good pics to show everyone here. Let's make the east side jealous and show them just how beautiful cali. is, and how perfect it is for Mustang driving!!

let's get cruisin'!!!

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So here it is.

Coming from Oakland/Hayward:
Take 880 South
Take the Mowry exit
Turn right onto Mowry
Turn left at the first light (the mall is on your left at this point)
At this point you can go left or right to circle the mall
Head either way towards the parking garage
We should meet at the top

Coming from Dublin/Tracy:
Take 580 West
Head towards 880 South
Follow directions from Oakland/Hayward
Again meet at the top of parking garage

Coming from Suisan City/Vallejo:
Take 80 West
Head towards Oakland
Follow directions from Oakland/Hayward
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