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The really twisty street was Lombard St. Last time I was there they had closed it to thru traffic. But that's been awhile.

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On 2002-01-30 13:45, 98GTOption wrote:
Ok, I now have a chance to go to San Francisco!.. But I do not know the orginal streets that It went down. Anybody have a Map or street clue? Thanks..
98GTOption: When are you planning on being in San Francisco? The reason I'm asking, is cuz we're having our first Bay Area Bullitt meeting in SF on Feb. 9. You're probably not coming out that soon???

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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:lol: :lol:

What is up with that VW BUG? :lol:
BEERS! :lol:
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