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Danny Boy
Written By: Fred E. Weatherly
Copyright Unknown

Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling,
From glen to glen and down the mountain side;
The summer's gone, and all the leaves are falling;
'Tis ye, 'tis ye must go, and I must bide.

But come ye back when summer's in the meadow,
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow;
'Til I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow;
Danny boy, Oh Danny boy, I love you so.

And when ye come and all the flowers are dying,
If I am dead, as dead I well may be.
Ye'll come and find the place where I am lying,
And kneel and say an "Ave" there for me.

And I shall hear, 'though soft ye tread around me,
And all my grave shall linger sweeter be,
Then ye will bend and tell me that ye love me,
And I shall sleep in peace until ye come to me.

There are at least two versions of the story behind this song. Here is the first:

Once, a long time ago there was an old man who had raised many sons who he loved dearly. A war raged over the land that they lived in and one by one he saw each of them go off to fight and not return. Then one day, as harvest time drew near, he knew that his youngest, and most precious, son would soon be going off to fight just as his brothers before him. The old man was sad and knew that he may never see his last boy alive. He looked intently at the young lad, and with tears in his eyes he sang this song.

And here is the second:

The song is said to be based on a happening which occurred centuries ago when Ireland was divided into small serfdoms or kingdoms which warred among themselves. In those days a king would really lead his troops into war. According to the story, an old king lay dying when a battle was about to begin. He called his son Daniel to his bedside and explained that now, for the first time, the son must lead the army to battle. This song celebrates the words of the king to his son.

D.H.G. # 1994
God Bless America......

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On 2002-02-10 14:00, texasbullitt wrote:
even as an honary member of the mac pherson clan in scotland and being of italian/german descent.... a tear well's to my eye whenever I hear danny boy... god bless the IRISH

god bless the IRISH "Amen Brother!!!!!" :-B

Only one month to St.Patty's Day!!!!
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