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My neighbor,who owns a 2007 GT,is getting together a pair of spare wheels,the aluminum 17x5,that comes in these Mustangs, to use as,somewhat inex$pen$ive, drag fronts. He will be mounting a drag front type tire on them.
So,I borrowed one of the new bare wheels,and mounted it on the front of my 2001 Bullitt. Well it fits right up,and will work well with a matching narrow tire.
Only problem is that these wheels are somewhat pricey,and hard to find,for what they are. Plus the tire selection is limited to Hoosier,if you need a radial type skinny the 26x7.50x17.
But the setup will fit on a Bullitt.
The curse of having the big brakes,is exspensive front runners,you seldom use,but they are worth several precious tenths of a great ET!
I can't believe how much the spares are selling for these days!
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