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The Tornado improved my 12 oz times

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Some dummy over on Stangnet was spouting off about the Tornado – a piece of twisted metal that fits into your intake and cause a “tornado” effect to make more power. I thought this was ludicrous but I decided to test the device.

Rather than install an untested device in my Bullitt, I got my beer bong out of the attic. My beer bong consists of a large funnel connected to a short piece of clear plastic hose which I used in college to drink beers faster.

The testing procedure involved pouring 12 oz of beer into the beer bong and timing how long it takes to consume the beer. This was repeated a couple of times to establish a baseline. The Tornado was then installed in the funnel using rubber bands. As an important tip, do not install the Tornado in the clear plastic tubing. It won’t fit, and cutting it down to fit in the tubing may cause some negative performance. The beer bong was then tested with the Tornado in place.

Here are the results:

Beer – Coors Light
Beer Temperature - Approximately 40 deg F
Ambient Temperature – 95 deg F
Relative Humidity – 60%

Run #1 (No Tornado) – aborted due to leaks and problems with the timing system
Run #2 (No Tornado) – 6.8 seconds
Run # 3 (No Tornado) – 6.6 seconds
Average of runs w/o Tornado – 6.7 seconds

Run #4 (w/ Tornado) – 6.3 seconds
Run #5 (w/ Tornado) – 5.9 seconds
Average of runs w/ Tornado – 6.1 seconds

As you can see, the Tornado cut 0.6 seconds off my average 12 oz time. I even had one 12 oz time under 6 seconds with the Tornado.

I think I'll leave the Tornado on my beer bong and not install it on the Bullitt.
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I can't stay off this board....between the usefull information I get here and the laughs.....keep up the good work ya'll....
LMAO McQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awesome test, did you have it independently verifed??
Dude, you are FREAK :grin:

That has to be one of the funniest things I have read on here. Thanks for making my day. :smile:


you need to start a classic post library. I nominate this as the first inductee :grin:
Hmmm.. I think there may be a flaw in your testing.. While you may have improved flow at the front end you need to work on that restriction at the back end. To this end I submit the following advice give to me by a good friend who introduced me to the wonders of beer many years ago..

First.. Keep your elbow straight.. good form is important.

Second.. try to keep your "Swallow" at the mid point. this will open up the ol throat and allow things to flow faster.

Third.. get a good start. Qhick off the line in your first 60mm is where it's at. If you can nail a good 60mm you're in there!
Hey McQ -

I bet you could shave another second or two off your time if you hooked a leaf blower up to the beer bong like Mus408 did during his dyno test :wink:
Heh, heh-heh, heh, (My best Beavis imitation) a blown beer bong, now that would be cool.
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On 2001-08-16 21:52, EMA Racing wrote:
Heh, heh-heh, heh, (My best Beavis imitation) a blown beer bong, now that would be cool.

UMM........ Blown and beer in the same sentence???? :-B
McQ I'm from Florida sooooo I DEMEND A RECOUNT!!!!!

Brake out another CASE!! :-B
Blakwing, you started to scare me a little when you talked about "reducing restriction at the back end"
after plenty of beers, the rear end restriction usually takes car of itself!!!!!
just becomes a little offensive to others in the same room!! LOL
Where's Jimmy Ray? I think he would be the expert in this area based on the number of posts he sprinkles around this website when he is getting toasted.

Jimmy got any beer bonging tips?


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ROTFLMAO :lol: This is geat. I,m enjoying all this, still on vacation, and having another beer while I read this. Life is good.
I think enough beers would help you get a set of "wider tires"
Hey BullitMike, the tornado is good for something.
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On 2001-08-17 16:18, tlatoani wrote:
I think enough beers would help you get a set of "wider tires"


Don't know about the tires, but he can probably vastly increase the size of his skid marks.

that was an unpleasant visual....


As Professional Beer Drinker and Bong Tester i'll have to try that modification to mine. If the results are good, it will spread like wild fire here. :grin:
My beer bong (recreational use only) can slam one down in 2 seconds. No if i had that tornado on there , Holy s*(& thats fast
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