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The TV commercial Ford SHOULD have used to advertise the Bullitt....

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Who knew about the Bullitt a year ago except for enthusiasts? The Bullitt is getting a lot of press now that they are no longer made. What good does that do Ford? Ford should have played up the car to help promote the ENTIRE company and its heritage...
Chad McQueen sits in a San Francisco cafe pretending to read the paper but watching his quarry through the reflection in a window..a black car across the street parked suspiciously in front of the bank.
The bad guys leave the bank and drive away in a hurry.
Waiter asks, "Any thing else for you today, Officer?"
McQueen's already out of his seat running for the door, "No thanks, Pops, put it on my tab."
As Chad jumps in his 2001 Bullitt he notices a Green 68 Fastback giving chase also.
The three cars run through San Francisco and wind up on the highway.
Chad pulls up alonside the 68 and looks over. Steve McQueen (through a little digital magic)looks back and winks. The two Mustangs are side-by-side at wide open throttle, the V-8's screaming, riding off into the sunset together after the bad guys.
"Cops prefer Mustangs"
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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