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On 2001-11-29 16:13, krankiekat wrote:
You should of held out and traded it in for Pamala Anderson !
I think Kid Rock is done with her.
:eek: :grin:


Dude, that's cold!

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I traded in a Black 1998 SVT Contour to get Bullitt #663.

Hated to part with the car. For a Vortec V6 had plenty of get-up and go and great gas mileage. Super fun car to drive. Toasted about all the 6 bangers and some small V-8's. It's no slouch.

But, couldn't pass up the 0% interest for 5 years on a great sounding car with loads of torque like the Bullitt.

Until the snow comes, I won't be sorry I made the trade! Wish I could have afforded to keep the SVT as a second car.


Tom Glowka
Bullitt #663

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