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"Frank" is misbehaving so had to be taken in for a spankin'.
The ABS and Traction Lok idiot dash lights stay on all the time. And time for first oil change.

On another thread I mentioned the doofus salesman who didn't know what a Bullitt is. Well, now we run into a service writer who is also a dooooooofuusssss!
"you have a what?" he asks with a very puzzled dumb-arse look. "A Bullit" I reply with a frustrated smirk. Hubby interupts and says "A GT Mustang" To which the doofus says "oh, why didn't you say so." DOH!!!

While there we saw a sad looking very unloved orphan of a DHG Bullitt parked on their lot. Very dirty and a long ugly scratch on the driver front quarter. Also little pin holes in the paint on all over the hood scoop. Most weird though is that it is equipped with a rear spoiler!?!
It was locked and the sales dept hadn't opened yet, so we didn't see what number it is.

Poor thing!


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Ya know, my husband and I like spoilers on the Gts. So when we ordered the Bullitt we asked if we could have a spoiler put on for extra $$. Dealer said yes. Then we talked and learned more about the Bullitt, back in January, and decided that leaving the Bullitt the way McQueen would have liked it to be would be the best. So we did not order the spoiler. If we had, the dealer would have ordered one and put it on there-same color of course.

Whew, I am glad he talked us out of the spoiler!
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