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"Frank" is misbehaving so had to be taken in for a spankin'.
The ABS and Traction Lok idiot dash lights stay on all the time. And time for first oil change.

On another thread I mentioned the doofus salesman who didn't know what a Bullitt is. Well, now we run into a service writer who is also a dooooooofuusssss!
"you have a what?" he asks with a very puzzled dumb-arse look. "A Bullit" I reply with a frustrated smirk. Hubby interupts and says "A GT Mustang" To which the doofus says "oh, why didn't you say so." DOH!!!

While there we saw a sad looking very unloved orphan of a DHG Bullitt parked on their lot. Very dirty and a long ugly scratch on the driver front quarter. Also little pin holes in the paint on all over the hood scoop. Most weird though is that it is equipped with a rear spoiler!?!
It was locked and the sales dept hadn't opened yet, so we didn't see what number it is.

Poor thing!

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