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This will make you smile

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Can't wait for it all to come true!!!!!!!
Great Find.
OMG!!! that was very cool, creative, & enjoyable!!
Did anyone else get the anti-war subtext in that? I don't know, maybe it's just me, but seeing them bomb the hell out of Afghanistan and most likely killing a bunch of innocents to get one guy didn't seem like a judicious use of force.

i personally don't want to see the guy become a martyr, which is what it seems like we're trying so hard to do.
We are definitely OUTNUMBERED in our opinion of killing millions to get one guy.
Seems as though everyone is all FOR this
I sort of s h u t d o w n for a few
weeks following the incident...
I love my country and all it stands for,
I just have this THING about war.
Doesn't help much that my son is 18....but
my opinion on war has never changed.
Good thing I'm not a politician, because
I don't think I could send millions of
my country men and women to war.
Don't get me wrong...what HE did was wrong.
But is revenge the answer? Oh sorry, justice.
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Just my two cents,I spent 8 yrs in military and dont know anyone personally that likes war.Haveing said that.......Freedom isn't FREE.To me,it looks like we can stop them now or after they cause more deaths than you can count.
Don't think any sane person LIKES war. War always has and always will result in the deaths of soldiers and bystanders alike. But doing nothing for the last few years hasn't exactly stopped people from being killed, it just means Americans and their allies have been the ones to die.

It's not about revenge as much as it's about stopping the continued murder of innocent people. It's not one man, but thousands we're trying to stop. These terrorists aren't fighting our soldiers on a battle front, they're attacking news reporters and random people who happen to work in the building they destroy. I'm sure most of us have family and friends who are in the military, and therefore may be killed in this action. It's painful to think about those close to us being in harms way, but at least trained soldiers have a chance to defend themselves and potentially survive, the people killed by the terrorists had no chance.

I don't want to see innocent people killed in any country, but because of the actions of these terrorists, that's already happening. When a coward attacks civilians in another country, then hides behind his own counry's innocent citizens, then HE has caused the deaths of his own people by his actions, because letting him continue to randomly kill our friends and neighbors is NOT an option.

My 2 cents. Anybody wants to take my flag better bring a lot of help.
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We had a discussion on this at work. We all had differing opinions on the war. One thing stood above all the rest in the conversation.

What do you do to an individual that has no respect for other humans?

How do you punish a person that is not afraid to die? They are not afraid of going to jail and have no respect for laws.

How do you treat an individual that is willing to die to become a martyr?

My answer to this is lets help them become a martyr. The faster that we can get these people out of here the faster normalcy can return. If we get rid of enough of the leaders then the followers will follow someone else.

If we don't address the issue then the issue will not go away.

My $0.02 worth.
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just remember one thing , the taliban and their followers wouldnt allow you the right to own a few mach-1's or a bullitt and if you objected they would take you to a soccer stadium with a bag over your head and simply blow your brains out...check out history ...
also ''sending a few million''???? please... lets keep to reality and not b.s. or shock one is going to send or kill millions that is unless we allow mr.fanatic the time to gain acceess to nukes or biological weapons and then you will be right...but it will be millions of US dead... eliminate all the lunatics now and end this madness once and for all
and I for one want my sons safe in the future
he is 18 also

D.H.G. # 1994
God Bless America......

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Don't get me wrong. I want to see the persons responsible for this punished. But PUNISHED. Not summarily killed.

I think my problem with this war is that so many people are for bombing the hell out of a country when it's just a few people who are committing these acts.

Let me give you an analogy. Say we wanted to bust all the gang members in Los Angeles. And for some reason the politicians didn't exactly want to turn over the gang members. Would you advocate destroying the entire city to get those few thousand gang members? I personally wouldn't. And that's pretty much what we're doing in Afghanistan. We're bombing the hell out of them just to get revenge on a few people.

I suppose it's my libertarian nature coming out, so please forgive me.

But even if I was for this war, I wouldn't be for the way we were fighting it. This is not a conventional war, and yet we are fighting it in a conventional manner. Can anyone remember what happened in Vietnam? Same thing, unconventional war, but we were fighting conventionally. End result=we got our asses handed to us by the enemy--a couple of ill-equipped, untrained, but highly motivated individuals. Does this type of enemy sound familiar to anyone?
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Yea, I remember the Southeastern Asian War Games where we took the 'sliver'. I spent my 19th year there,grew up real fast.The people behind bin Laden are the same type of people in Veitnam that used 'innocent'old men,women and yes, childen to hide behind.It was what we called a 'human wave' attack.The VC didn't care as long as they could kill Americans. 6000 'innocent' people have already died,OURS,are those lives not worth the risk of this war.And while we are on the subject,if we do nothing,where will it end.
Already this 'war' has paid off in asthe IRA has agree to disarm.:???:
OK I'M INSANE...... What for gods sake is WAR for? Defending our country and Our way of life...... Is what it for!
These cowards started this.... We need to finish it. We wouldn't be free if our fore fathers didn't fight for the right.... Because freedom is not given it is earned from blood..... Every once and while you must earn it again. If you don't think so read any history book, or look at any almost every other country in the world, I've been there.
We as a nation have become self serving, we believe everyone else on our small ball, called earth believes the same way we do. WELL FOLKS THEY DON"T..... Trust me in my many travals I been to great places and the the arm pits of the world, Human Life don't mean sh*t to 2/3s of the world. Amercian Lives are thought of even less because we are a rich country.
All the peace lovers better wake up, because you could by your do goodness cause our leaders to get us into another Vietmam... Because we shouldn't kill inocents, well my friends we have 6000 inocents to revenge! YES I SAID REVENGE! I believe we have that right.
I have always said some ******* will try and knock us off our rock.... Well Sept 11 2001 they tryed.... Its up to us to climb back on and defend what we hold dear, GOD COUNTRY, FAMILY and Our way of Life. Because they will not stop, they will not just go away, if we leave them alone. Not unless you become Muslem, women stop working and stay at home. And Live like they do in that Middleages.....
So instead of debateing the issue if it's right or wrong, We should be doing everything in our power to win this thing.
I mean everything, Not half hearted, not before we won.... This is the super bowel of life. It's bad against good.... Evil against Right.
Because WINNING is the only way. because if we lose. Think Middleages.....
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AMEN, Jimmy
couldn't have said it better than two ponys, 1Nasty, and jimmy ray!!
so i won't even try!!
thanks you guys!
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