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Throttle Body coupler reducer

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Hey all, does anyone know where I can find a replacement reducer/coupler (rubber boot) connecting the air intake plumbing to the throttle body? Ford is saying it is obsolete, and I would prefer NOT to spend $250 + to purchase a "cold air kit" just to replace the boot with something else. I already have a cold air kit placing the air filter in the fender well with a metal tube attaching it to the stock parts from the MAF assembly up to the throttle body. Thanks for your help.

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what year is your car?
you should be able to find something similar from any of the manufacturers of silicone couplers used in different boosted applications. I will look to see what I have, but don't think I have one of those. you may also check with someone like of the big Mustang salvage yards. also, you may want to see if you can find a part number and see if the Mach 1 or the earlier, i,e. Cobra mustangs take the same coupler since I believe both of those use the oval TB.
no problem, happy to help. hope you get it sorted out. let us know.
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