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Sorry my first post is spam-like, but I thought some SF Bay area guys may be interested in this. Clip from my site -

Hi folks, the time has come again for a day of activity at Thunderhill. Pretty much the same premis as before, show up, drive and have fun. Will be running two groups again, experienced with open passing and the other group with limited passing zones. Full course (3 miles),No chicanes and over the top of turn 5. Thunderhill is working with me in regards to financing and such, but I do need to get them some money soon to hold the day in reserve. I will be mailing out the info to people in a few weeks, so please do send in your check as soon as possible. I will need to have 30-35 drivers for this event. Here are the basic details:

When>>>>March 28th
Where>>>ThunderHill Raceway Willows CA
Email me for additional info.

You can check out pictures from the previous events at:

Please email me with any questions at [email protected]
Feel free to ask others that you may know, but please keep in mind that we pride ourselves in holding a very unrestricted event and need everyone to behave responsibly. In other asses allowed.

~~~~~~~~~~end clip~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stan puts together a great event. It is a perfect chance to see what you and your car can do on a road coarse. Thunderhill is a very challengine course, yet lacks concrete walls :smile:

Just thought I would throw this out if anyone is interested.


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